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The Four Horsemen evolved as the result of two pairings that came together by chance in 2016. Brad and Geoff had been playing together as acoustic harmony duo, BB & The Horse, since around 2008. One day, they were playing a local gig and Ed happened to be there. He liked what they were playing and introduced himself as a drummer looking for a new band. The two guitarists hadn't played in a full band for some time but liked the idea of it. They dusted down their electric guitars and the three of them auditioned and clicked immediately. At this point, Ed said he knew a great bass player from previous bands who was available. Dan was brought in and fitted in perfectly from the start. So, the lineup was complete and the boys began putting together what has become a formidable set list. Since then, The Horsemen have played a host of venues including Croxfest in 2018 as well as two previous appearances on the Main Stage at Ricky Canal Festival.
They play nothing but great, no nonsense, catchy and instantly recognisable floor fillers.
If you need a band to entertain you and get you dancing, the Horsemen never disappoint.